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“Originally a furniture store, now our home is Roger’s Furniture Building.

Built in 1912, the Roger’s Furniture Building was built over 100 years ago by a pair of architects from Seattle, following El Paso’s economic boom during the Mexican Revolution. Having ceased to be a furniture store in the 1960’s, it is now a gathering place for the region.

Everything in the place is a reflection of our taste and the world’s influence over this region past and present; from the architecture to the furnishings and art. The restaurant is of the same ethos – the food and wine, a challenge to traditional perceptions of the southwest by introducing modern elements of Mexican, American and European influences that make this region the place where Mexico and the US meet.
Blending culture and hospitality with unique amenities the Stanton House is the driver for community engagement and exploration.”

The custom designs and websites created by the team were impressive. Their use of color, whimsy, unusual design elements, and technical development skills showcase a wide range of visual artistry and architectural functionality. Future employers should feel confident that their design needs will be addressed with a highly creative and skillful approach to achieve exceptional results.

Jannel Loving, Director / Boomtime