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“From Abbey to Brewery to Taproom:
Award-Winning Beer from a 1300-Year-Old Tradition.
The Benedictine Order is named for Saint Benedict (ca. 480-547) of Nursia, Italy. St. Benedict established rules for monastic life, one of which was hospitality. This called for providing sustenance in the form of “liquid bread,” or beer. This 1300-year-old tradition continues with Christ in the Desert Benedictine Monastery and its brewing arm, Abbey Brewing, which crafts fine, award-winning beers.”

Digital Arts Design team is fluent in all the appropriate graphic design software and showed initiative in learning new skills and expanding their talent to match the needs of the organization as we developed new methods and processes for project completion. The custom designs and websites created by the team were impressive.

Jannel Loving, Director / Boomtime